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rainy day post.

29 Aug

well i’m waiting for mad men to load so until that happens i figured i might as well do a post about what’s going on here.

today sarah (my friend from school) and her friend stella and i went to home plus at gubendari station. it’s only one stop north of gil-dong where i live, but we walked there. it was absolutely pouring rain. we walked through the market near my apt. to get there. it really wasn’t as close as we thought it would be.

photo by stella

that’s us walking through the market in gil-dong! as you can see, it’s a bit wet.

so finally we got there and wandered around this massive store which i think was 5 stories. i managed to get a lot of the things on my list but WHY did they not have a double fitted bed sheet? like really. only queen and single. soo that i still need to get. and a toaster oven. but i did get some things to make my little house here a home.

the store is strange because you pay for your items on each floor. so when we went to the grocery floor we had to ‘check’ our cart and get a new one. it really was much easier than lugging everything i had bought along with me.  i ended up buying just a few items but overall i spent probably around 200,000 won sooo around $200. not impressed! my school has a 300,000 won stipend for me, but i think the majority of that was spent on my bedclothes. i don’t know where the remainder went.

so when we tried to leave i had an entire cart of stuff and it was still pouring. we needed to take a cab but we couldn’t even hail one. in korea you hail a cab with your hand about stomach height and wiggle your fingers with the palm down. anyway, so finally a guy comes over and then won’t take me. why? i have no idea. he was speaking korean.

finally this nice korean guy a bit younger than us gets a cab for us and helps me load my stuff in the cab. he also talked to the cab driver for us. he was super nice and spoke some english like “oh my god!” when he was trying to shove it all in the cab. it’s funny here because some people don’t seem welcoming to foreigners but then other people are SO nice. i guess it evens out somehow.

so then finally we get going to my house, of course my directions are in english but stella was there who speaks korean, which is a huuuuuuge advantage. we get to my house and the cab driver and sarah help me bring all my stuff in, although i left my food in the cab with sarah and stella. ugh. oh well. so then on the way into my apt my landlord (papa kim) helps me carry it up, which is also super nice of him. later on i saw liz, papa kim’s wife and she had invited me to see her cello concert at home plus. i said i was sorry i hadn’t attended but she said i must be very tired (true). anyway, i hope she wasn’t offended that i didn’t come.

so after running to family mart to buy ramen to eat for lunch i am now settling into my bed to watch mad men and nap.

i am never staying up until 4:30 am to silent skype again, ok?

the end.


post #1

28 Aug

hello everyone/no one,

i’ve finally started my seoul blog. i hope you all like the name. it’s a play on the word sojourn so…pretty good.

i’ll do a real post after but for now i’m going to go shower in my tiny bathroom.

here is a picture of me wearing a panda visor.

we’ll talk soon.