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christmas, new year’s, homecoming.

12 Jan


i’ve been trying to put this off until i get a new laptop, but  i have some free time now, so i thought i’d just shoot of a lil’ post now.

back we go to christmas!

christmas was very strange, although enjoyable. it’s not a big deal here , so there was no christmas feeling in the air or anything like that. on the eve sarah, casey and i went for a prix fixe dinner at between.

here’s me looking lovely:

photo by sarah o'sullivan

then we went to the noraebang with a few friends. i got to dress up as a rodent (?).

photo by casey park

then i went home. christmas day i met up with sarah and casey again and we went skating at city hall. it was 1,000 won (or like 85 cents) to rent skates and then skate. it was freezing cold and packed with people. we only stayed for 30 minutes but it was tonnes of fun. casey said it was his favourite thing he has done so far.

photo by casey park

then went to the frypan for dinner. just like a normal turkey dinner, except fried. koreans love fried chicken, and they do it so well. at the frypan  it is also on a bed of homemade potato chips. the chicken was delicious. the chips made me want to die later. it was too much grease. the salad we had was actually delicious. real, shaved parmesan cheese. so good.

at the frypan

then christmas was over. i did shed a few tears but then realized that i would get to celebrate christmas with my family at home, so i wasn’t really missing out.

on new year’s i went for dinner with some friends at an overpriced sushi placee, then to a bar called the social. ironically, it was empty at first but then filled up later with korean b-boys.

d, sam and i at the social club.

overall, it was a really fun night, but once again there was no excitement in the air! koreans celebrate the lunar new year (feb 2-4) so this was not really a big deal. oh well. it’s only new year’s.

after that weekend winter camp started. let me tell you: i LOVE winter camp! i only work until 12 pm every day and get to play games and do fun lessons with a small group of students who just love me. for the first two weeks of camp i worked at a different school, with 5 other foreign teachers and 6 korean co-teachers. it was super fun and i really liked it. this week i’ve been working at my own school teaching grades 3 and 4 and it’s just as fun. i love my students. i feel a real connection with them, as opposed to my regular students who are mostly indifferent. i guess winter camp is just a different environment.

two winter camp students.

so i now have just 2 days more of winter camp, then i’m heading home this weekend! saturday cannot come soon enough. i have tonnes of wonderful plans for the 3 weeks i’ll be home, such as going to stay in hamilton for a week with jacob (yes, hamilton is wonderful), celebrating christmas with my family, going to my friend’s cottage, generally relaxing, hanging out with my friends and family and eating lots of food. i cannot wait. hopefully i can fit in all my friends and family! three weeks will go by in a second.

hope your holidays were lovely,

see you soon!