Fire safety.

4 May

Just a quick post about what happened today.

Yesterday my co-teacher told me that we’d have a fire drill or something like that from 11:00-11:50 am, so I’d have to heard my grade 3s outside. I was uneasy about this but said ok. Today I was told that I just had to end the class at 11:00 and the homeroom teacher would come and take the kids outside. Good.

At around 10:00 am I looked out the window and noticed that the custodial staff had built a fairly large bonfire in the middle of the “field.” The “field” is just a sand/dirt covered area. Clearly this fire drill was serious.

At 11:00 am an announcement went over the PA (which lasted for about 30 minutes) which was about the drill and asking us to pretend it was real. I waited in the English office with my co-teachers for a few minutes before we headed out. All of the students were sitting about 50 feet away from the fire. They were talking and chatting, standing up etc. Their homeroom teachers were trying to control them, but how could they, when there was a raging bonfire in front of them?

Eventually, two grade 5 students walked up to the fire and were given fire extinguishers. After some sort of conversation, they eventually began to spray the bonfire with the extinguishers. The fire didn’t go out completely, and after a few minutes started to get bigger again.

I looked at my co-teachers. They smiled back and said “It didn’t seem to work, did it?” No, it didn’t.

Then we went back inside and taught fourth period.


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