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sweating it out.

21 Jun

It’s too early to turn the air conditioning on, said the principal. Today is only the first day of summer. Well, we’ve had 30 degree Celsius plus temperatures for the past 1.5 weeks. So.  I’m not sure June knows it’s too early. The students are barely capable of answering a question and I feel even worse standing there sweating in front of them all.

Luckily yesterday it was decided that after 10 am we’re allowed to turn the a/c on in our classrooms. I can just see the power going out from the sudden surge of every classroom turning it on.

Our office won’t be a cause of that however, because our air conditioner is broken. Our office is one of the warmest rooms in the school due to the 5 computers in a small space and lack of a cool breeze. I’m not used to this predicament! I have always had air conditioning at home and in my apartment I put it on as well. I have one window there, so there is no cross breeze to speak of. Basically the heat makes me feel pretty miserable. Headaches and the like. I even am drinking my 2 L of water every day at work. Doesn’t seem to matter. I don’t deal well with heat.

Basically I am biding my time here. The inevitable happened on Sunday and Jacob flew back to Canada. I’m not sure if it felt worse for me to come back here in February or if it was worse when he left, but it was pretty bad. It’s been two days now and I’m getting back into my routine. It’s a bit hard to go home after work to an empty apartment. And to make my own food and my own breakfast (!) and do the laundry :). He was a lovely roommate.

At this point I’m just looking towards the near future. The last day of school is July 15th. Less than 4 weeks away. Then after that it’s time for summer camp; just three weeks of working until noon. About 12 days after that (hopefully of some time off) I will be flying to San Francisco for 4 days before heading home. I’m so done with this life. I’ve been here for 10 months. I’ve had the experience I came for and then some. I’m bored with my job.  I’m tired and miss everyone back home. On the plus side the rainy season should be starting tomorrow. Not.

This post is what 30 degrees indoors will do to you.