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Flooding and leaking.

31 Jul

I’m sure most people who follow the news are aware of the crazy flooding that happened in Seoul last week. If you aren’t, here’s a recap:


Sadang Station isn’t really close to me.

That’s me on the far right and Sadang is the green one on the left. That area is lower than where I live, so got a lot of flooding as you saw in the video.

My life was mostly unchanged with the torrential downpour. We got over 400 mm of rain in just two days, by the way. I still went to school and taught students, although less of them came. Some people’s classes were temporarily cancelled, but I was not one of them. The only change was of course the leaking in my apartment. My bathroom had been leaking steadily for awhile. I had asked my landlords to fix it and they had attempted to, but really just put a hose that seemed to drain the liquid from the ceiling to the floor drain. A mushroom grew out of the hole. It has since died and a new one was begun to grow in the second hose that was put in place to combat the leaking in the rest of my apartment.

On Tuesday night I began to notice dripping noises on my ceiling. Since I live on the third of six floors, I don’t usually get to hear the sound of rain on the roof. At first I thought, “Well that’s pleasant!” and continued readying Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince. Then I realized that I shouldn’t be hearing that sound at all and began to wonder when the leaking would begin. It started off as little drips coming down the wall, but then the wallpapered ceiling began to swell with water. I moved my bed out of the way as much as possible (My bed, kitchen, “office” etc. are all in one room) and stared nervously at the ceiling. Then I put a pot under to collect the drips. I had to empty the pot twice in the night and the noise was driving me insane. I barely slept that night because I just didn’t know if the ceiling was going to collapse on me or if I was going to be showered sometime while I was sleeping.

The next day my landlords came to fix it, but told me that I should move out temporarily for 2-3 days. This would be my third apartment in the same building this year. When I got home from work I went to my damp apartment and packed up some essentials for the next couple of days and settled into another apartment. I showered, took a nap and attempted to steal internet. Then I went for dinner at my friends’ apartment and when I got home around 10 pm there was an email saying that the apartment was fixed and I could move back in. I contemplated sleeping in this new apartment but realized I really didn’t want to do that at all. So I PACKED up all my stuff and moved back home. There is now a trap door in the ceiling (similar to the one in the bathroom) and some nice mould growing around. It seems to have stopped spreading. I realize this is unhealthy but it’s not black at least, and I’m only here for another 2.5 weeks.

There has been no leaking since, but I doubt I’m out of the woods yet. Here’s the weather forecast:

Kill me!

Sigh. Coincidentally my air conditioner just dripped onto my arm. It never ends.

As the end of my time approaches, my friends and I have decided to do all the things we haven’t yet done this year. Here’s what I’m interested in:
-Lotte World again (an amusement park right near me)
-Dr. Fish (pedicure where little fish bite off your dead skin)
-The National Museum of Korea
-Banpo Bridge (has a light show at night in the waterfalls off the bridge)
-Caribbean Bay (a large and expensive water park)
-Shopping for more clothes (necessary)
-Eat as much Korean and other food as possible
-Wander more around Hongdae (artsy university area)
-Wolmi Island in Incheon (apparently it has a nice waterfront area)

Hopefully I should be able to accomplish all of that in the next 17 days! That time is sure to go very quickly and will be taken up as well by packing, cleaning, selling stuff and looking into things I want to do in San Francisco.

Sheesh! I now am thinking maybe I don’t have as much time as I thought. Strange.