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a little satisfaction.

16 Jun

A very important factor in job satisfaction is feeling like your job is worthwhile. Most of the time I feel like my job is pretty useless because the students don’t seem to be improving in the public school system. Sure, they improve in the private English academies that are so prevalent here, but not in my classroom.

Then the odd thing happens that makes you think that maybe their little brains are absorbing something after all.

Exhibit 1:

Today, an adorable, but English challenged, baseball player came up to me to talk. Usually baseball players are absolved from learning English because they have practice every day after school, so it’s accepted that they are too busy to study. My feelings on this attitude are irrelevant (but can probably be assumed). Anyhow! Today this adorable little boy came up to me and in perfect English said “TEACHER! My grandmother is in Canada.” I was actually shocked because usually it’s a major struggle just to get him to say a single word. My co-teacher asked him something and it was clarified that his grandmother lives in Canada. Nonetheless, I was amazed.

Exhibit 2:

In one of my grade 5 classes there is a student who tries to sleep all the time. Apparently his mother isn’t in his life and his father works all the time. His older brother takes care of him. In my class, his eyes are drooping constantly and he seems like he’s going to keel over any second. He’s just so disinterested in the class. We found out that he doesn’t even know the alphabet, despite having been learning English since grade 3. My co-teacher has asked him to stay in our class for the 10 minutes after each lesson and today he said the alphabet from A-M. I know it doesn’t sound like much but we were both really proud of him. I think my co-teacher looked like she was going to cry. The best part was really his face, because he looked so enthusiastic and proud for the first time all year.

Exhibit 3:

This is just amusing. One of my tiny, scrawny grade 5 boys with glasses and missing teeth was singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” word for word today. He is a low level student. Who knows?

Although I still find I have little job satisfaction, it’s the odd things like that which make me days go by a little faster.